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‘Green Lanterns Annual #1’ (review)

Written by Andy Diggle
Illustrated by Mike Perkins
Published by DC Comics


Green Lanterns is a title that if it’s done right, it can be the best comic book on the stands. If it’s done wrong however, it can be a trudge to get through.

This book was a complete trudge to get through.

It has a good creative team however. Andy Diggle is a fine writer and Mike Perkins is a good artist. And there are some great moments. It just doesn’t add up to a whole lot in the end.

Every thousand years, a ceremony is held on a world that celebrates the life of an ancient Green Lantern hero. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are chosen to go to this fantastic ceremony. It’s a fine adventure through space.

Then they meet up with this creepy master of ceremonies who gets them ready. He goes over the ground rules. This is the most successful scene of the issue. It’s tense and is totally like a horror movie.

Then, Simon and Jessica talk and Jessica is afraid of screwing up at the ceremony. This scene was dull and just went on too long. The rest of the setup of this issue follows the same path.
By time we get to the big reveal which isn’t a shock (the ceremony is an evil thing), you’re ready bored. It’s close to forty pages. This could be condensed to a single issue and it would have been stronger.

Diggle does his best to string it all together but it falls a bit flat. The art again is decent but the story doesn’t allow for much excitement. The ending is a bit of a dull bummer. I hoped it would turn around the entire time but it never did.



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