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‘Astro City #52’ (review)

Astro City #52 
Written by Kurt Busiek
Illustrated by Brent Anderson
Published by DC Comics


This is a sad issue as Astro City as the series concludes.

I know they’ve already announced that it will return in a graphic novel format.  That being said, I feel like this will change the series.

I’ve always enjoyed the single issue self contained stories that the series often featured.  They were unique, stood out and often, touching.

I have been reading this book for over twenty years and I feel like I grew up with it in a sense.

I know the stories are still there, but for me, it feels like a loss.

The title of this issue is “And In The End…”

The story starts off with a guy named Mike, who is a first responder. He is helping the team or rescue worker deal with an event. We the spend the rest of the issue in flashbacks from his life. It all goes side by side with the present day.

He has a strange relationship with The Hanged Man. He sees him at his apartment. He sees him at a meeting. But Mike seems like he’s just a normal guy.

What is going on here?

It turns out to be a nice cap on the series.

Busiek does what he does best: He tells a story about a guy on the ground in a world of superheroes. It’s moving and wonderful in a way that few comic books are.

The art compliments the story perfectly. We see the scope of a small story like this. Both Busiek and Anderson work in tandem to tell a story about letting go. And they finish this run on a high note.

For now, the story is ending for this series. I’m certainly curious what the new vision will look like. It’s a nice place to go to.

We are now leaving Astro City. Please drive carefully and thank you Kurt and Brent for letting us visit.



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