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‘Blackwood #1’ (review)

Written by Evan Dorkin
Illustrated by Veronica Fish
Published by Dark Horse Comics


Let me tell you a little about myself. If you put Evan Dorkin’s name on a title, I’m reading the book. If you put Veronica Fish’s name on a title, I’m picking it up. If you put both of them on a title, I’m rushing to get it.

Such is the case here.

The book features four young adults who go to Blackwood College to learn and improve their supernatural powers. But while they are there they come across an ancient evil.

That ancient evil seeks to destroy them and quite possibly he world!

The opening few pages are really great. They show a man who proclaims that something is coming!

It’s a beautifully paced scene that give you chills. Dorkin knows how to begin his story on a high note and it’s wonderful.

We get the line, “The Blood of Billions! A world in sacrifice.”

And right there? I’m hooked.

We then see the students arriving to the college. Dorkin also shows his skill here. He introduces the characters and we get to know them a bit. They all have well thought out and distinct personalities. And they all seem to have secrets.

Can you compare this to Harry Potter?

Well, a bit. It has a similar kind of set up so lazy people can slap that label on it. But it’s a far more darker story that Dorkin has created deep down, even if it has a lot of comedy.

That design work is also much, much more in the realm of horror. Fish does a great job of drawing up some amazing characters with specific looks and body language. She also collaborates well with Dorkin, making the whole comic feel seamless.

If I have one complaint of the book is that it feels a little wordy. Sure, there was another of information to be had but some of the word can be cut. I fee it would make the book only stronger.

Evan Dorkin is quite a writer. Veronica Fish is a hell of an artist. Together here, they make magic. This is only four issues so it could go anywhere. That’s exciting. And that makes for a must read comic.



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