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‘Criminy’ TPB (review)

Written by Roger Langridge and Ryan Ferrier
Illustrated by Roger Langridge
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Released 9/19/18 / $12.99


You have to wonder where some ideas come from.

Sometimes, you just look at a book and you just think, “wow, this is rather crazy.” Such is the case of this book here.

This book is about Daggum Criminy. He has a peaceful life without much turmoil. Suddenly, his island is invaded by some pirates! Criminy has to take his family away from their home! And he goes out with them into the unknown.

The opening sequence is fraught with terror as they leave. It’s a harrowing sequence that is well paced and well done. I was on the edge of my seat.

So, his family has to now go from place to place looking for refuge. Every place they travel to is a unique locale. You have got to hand it to the writers. They create not just locations, but whole entire worlds for the Criminy’s to traverse through.

It’s reminiscent of Bone in a way. It’s easy to follow and the stakes are high. I got emotional after the first chapter and the family was on a makeshift raft after a sea creature destroys their rowboat. I was with them on every adventure they have in this book (my favorite was the undersea world).

The characters and dialogue by the pair of creators is incredibly strong. The art by Langridge is just wonderful. It’s simple but it tells the story well. It’s also deceptive and is full of little details.

The best part is that’s it’s an all-ages book. Comics aren’t always for kids anymore. But kids can certainly enjoy this. Adults can as well. It doesn’t talk down to either audience. And that is an accomplishment in of itself.


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