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‘Cyborg #23’ (review)

Written by Marv Wolfman
Illustrated by Tom Denerek
Published by DC Comics


I’m not sure who else is reading this book, but I would file Cyborg #43 as a hidden gem.

Some caveats, I do love Marv Wolfman and trust the quality of comics the man can produce. Not once ever has ol’ Marv ever let me down.

I’m not a gigantic Teen Titans fan, but I do enjoy what comes my way on occasion. His current Raven series is one he has been wanting to write for a long time.

I personally approached this issue as a Marvel/Avengers fan peeking in at how a solo book from a not-so-popular character in general can work.

I’m thinking specifically of a book like Fraction’s Hawkeye run.

And now I’m almost positive the die-hard Cyborg fans out there are ready to knock my block off for putting Cy on the B-List!

2017’s Justice League shined the spotlight over to Victor Stone for me for the first critical time in my life after reading comics for most of it!

What more does one need to know to read this third issue of a giant mech robot fight? Not much, a lot of it was there in the movie.

We’ve got Mother Box origin. His Dad is kind of a dick for experimenting on his son. Cyborg is not with his Titans (or the Justice League) in this solo book. There, we are all caught up!

The title of this arc that started in Cyborg #21 is ‘Steel & Blood’. As we enter here at the third part of the story you must also know that a mysterious new laboratory building Pacific Rim style mechs that require pilots to run. Also, a mysterious older man with his robot family is looking to steal the Mother Box Cyborg tech so that he can of, of course, become immortal and rule the world.

Punch for punch there is a pretty Transformers-level robot on robot action in super fun fights! There’s tension between Victor and his father because he may be hiding some intense secrets from him.

The story is still heating up here in issue #23 and I will be sticking with it. Cyborg faces his toughest robot opponent yet, and it is the one that has the means to steal his essence.

If they are collecting this arc in trade, check it out!

Cyborg is a damn fine comic, probably being missed by fans like myself that don’t follow everything a classic creator like Marv Wolfman does. Tom Denerek is quite adept at drawing cool oversized robot fights, something I, for one, demand more of!

Overall, Denerek’s storytelling and characters look great.

While I mentioned it’s a bit odd to jump in the middle with this singular comic but dip on back to the back issues on Comixology or the DC Comics app or see if your store has issues #21 & 22 for the first two chapters of this robotic fist fight in “Steel & Blood”!


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