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‘The Flash #49’ (review)

Written by Joshua Williamson 
Illustrated by Howard Porter
Published by DC Comics


“I always knew a masked hero would cause the end of the world!”

Yeah, something like that.

But maybe not exactly the way you think.

This issue is so much fun. Super-powered bro fight, two iconic heroes pushing the limits of their powers, in a race to beat all races, all to potentially world-shattering but nonetheless very, very cool effect? In spades.

And does it all make sense? No! But also, yes! But also – no!

What are our favorite Flashes doing??

Nothing too bright that’s for sure. But also, surprisingly in character for each of them.

Wally and Barry are, each in their own particular ways, so busy being ‘responsible heroes’, willing to risk it all to help the people they love, that they are literally risking it ALL, and being anything BUT responsible. Together.

And, wow. What a ruckus. C’mon now, bros.

That dynamic works itself out to a pretty satisfying (if utterly IRRESPONSIBLE) bro moment, one that has serious, if unexpected consequences. One which is satisfying because it is so serious, and also so unexpected.

Won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say Josh Williamson appears to be of a single mind with his good bro Scott Snyder, over in his Justice League run, in much of his thinking about the ultimate impact of all these (again, pretty damn IRRESPONSIBLE) shenanigans, with consequences that are sure to be far-reaching, if not full-on reality-altering.

That’s reflected with all the cameos in this issue. Barry’s got all his Justice League bros, Wally’s got his Titan bros, and despite it all there’s just no stopping the two of them. Just like any great Flash story ought to be.

The end is predictable, but also not, and there’s so much revved up excitement along the way, along with the absolutely masterful pencils of Howard Porter, not to mention HiFi’s spectacular genius with colors, that even with tiny (or super LARGE) missteps along the way, this book is just a gas. Go get it.

Just one thing, Josh: Please stop having your characters call each other bro. I know it’s just Roy and all this time, but still… bros are so 2015.

Next Issue: A Flash breaks the world!! Maybe! Again?!


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