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Why Historical-Themed Games Are Still Slaying Popular Culture

To question why historical-themed games are still such a hit with online gaming fans is really asking why people are still so fascinated with history – and historical figures – in general.

Some people may look back at their history classes at school as boring afternoons when they wished they were doing something else, but for many people, learning about the past was full of excitement and adventure – and it is this feeling that online casino sites are trying to capture by theming their games with historical references.

Great Empires

A good way to understand what makes historically themed games so popular is to look at two of the most popular backdrops in these types of games – the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. These overlapping time periods gave the world some of the most dramatic storylines (just ask William Shakespeare!) as well as some of the most well-known characters.

Whether it is the seductive allure of Cleopatra, or the immense power of Julius Caesar, we have gone back to these stories time and time again to get our fix of adventure and drama. The games makers know this and have tapped into these themes to produce some of the most popular casino games of all time. The Book of Ra, Pharaoh’s Tomb and Rome are perfect examples of how these exciting time periods have made our gaming experience just that little bit more exciting.

Endless Opportunity

Rome and Egypt may have some of the most well-known games linked to them, but the good thing about history for games makers is that there has been a lot of it! They know that gamers love the adventure and excitement that comes with historically themed games and have more than enough choice when it comes to new ones.

Stakers has a whole host of historically themed casino games among their extensive selection and offers a number of different time periods, depending on what their customers want. You can choose from Vikings Go To Hell or Vikings Go Home if you fancy a bit of Scandinavian action after the Egyptian and Rome selections that include Ave Caesar, Valley of the Gods and Legend of Cleopatra.

Myths and Legends

Part of the attraction of playing online casino games in the first place is to escape what we might consider mundane or boring in today’s world. If you don’t find your work stimulating, then you will look elsewhere for some excitement, and gaming is the answer for many of us.

The ancient myths have enthralled us for centuries and we have consistently gone back to them for entertainment in all sorts of ways. It is only natural that online gaming has taken these themes and continued that process. The people who make the games know that the simple-to-understand games are the ones that are always popular, and they have designed new titles with that in mind. Bringing an element of mythical adventure into the mix is just the hook that us gamers need.

Modern-Day Adventure

As time goes on, new periods become part of history, of course, and gamers get a whole load of new themes to enjoy. From World War Two battles to famous cowboys from the Wild West, new titles come onto the market that continue our fascination with what has gone on before. The daring escapades of famous historical figures continue to give popular culture more intriguing subject matter. With the increase in popularity of TV shows such as Game of Thrones, the medieval fantasy genre has also helped these themes to carry on.

Films,Books and More

It is only natural that online casino games take so much from history when popular culture as a whole has always found it to be a rich seam of storylines. Whether it is classic novels and books or the countless film reboots and reworkings of historical legends, we can’t seem to get enough when it comes to these types of themes.

When you consider how many times Roman epics have been the subject of blockbuster films – let alone all the other aspects of popular culture in which the stories have permeated – it can be no surprise that online casinos use the legends to increase our enjoyment.

It seems that we will always be enchanted by the stories of long ago and the exploits of the many famous names throughout history. Gaming has just kept that tradition going – and looks likely to for a good deal of time to come.


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