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‘Wonder Woman Annual #2’ (review)

Written by James Robinson
Illustrated by Marc Laming, Frazer Irving
Published by DC Comics


Wonder Woman battles alongside the Star Sapphires once again in this solid story by regular series writer James Robinson and artist Marc Laming (with gorgeous Frazer Irving flashback sequences).

In the midst of Diana’s conflict with the Gods of the Dark Multiverse, the Star Sapphires summon her to Zamaron in order to help them battle Karnell, the Dark God of Love. The Sapphires have lost two of their leaders to Karnell’s onslaught, and Diana, holding herself responsible for the Dark Gods’ emergence in her universe, agrees to once again join their ranks to battle Karnell.

Despite tying into the greater “Dark Gods” storyline–and referencing the events of “Blackest Night”–Robinson provides enough information to fill in even the newest reader.

The Amazing Amazon’s compassion takes center stage too, as Diana’s love for her Star Sapphire sisters and empathy for even her bitterest of foes shines through.

The result is a fine, if very meat-and-potatoes one-shot that nonetheless provides an excellent introduction to Wonder Woman for newcomers, and a fun extra chapter to those who’ve been following along.


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