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‘Batman #50’ (review)

Written by Tom King
Illustrated by Mikel Janin and Various
Published by DC Comics


It’s finally here!

The wedding issue everyone is going to talk about and that everyone has been waiting for!

And it’s written by Tom King so you know it’s going to be nothing like anyone expected. King has been riding high and he is at his peak in this issue!

The issue starts off with Catwoman and Batman fighting Kite-Man (a King favorite) on a rooftop.

They are also talking about eloping the entire time. It’s hilarious and it’s moments like this that make the characters relatable to the reader.

After that we are treated to a wonderful classic pin-up by José Luis García-López as part of the story. It’s beautiful.

Then, we are treated to another pin-up by Becky Cloonan with more story.  The rest of the issue follows suit. We get a little bit of story, and then pinups with story bits. We get such luminaries as Frank Miller(who contributes a gorgeous page) Lee Bermejo, Neal Adams, Paul Pope, and many others on these pages.

It’s a beautiful looking book overall. Mikel Janin handles the art for the bulk of the book and he does a great job.

The issue has two different points of view. One viewpoint is from Batman’s and one is from Catwoman’s. King handles both characters wonderfully and demonstrates their fears and doubts in a compelling way.

We get some flashbacks of course, but most of the issue is in the present. We see Batman and Catwoman doing what they do and getting ready for the wedding. Catwoman is assisted by her friend, Holly Robinson, who has been at her side since the beginning of her costumed career. By Bruce’s side stands Alfred, helping him prepare for the wedding, as proud and supportive as any father would be for his son.

Yet, the real question that nobody seemed to be asking is, are they going to go through with it?

I know the answer and I don’t want to spoil anything. I will say, it does reset the stage for the rest of King’s run on Batman. I have no idea where it’s going but I’m excited to see what happens.

I did feel a little cheated at the end but maybe that’s a good thing. It ended different than I thought it would for sure. Maybe King has a bigger plan in mind than we might have been expecting this whole time. Let’s see where it goes. Recommended.



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