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‘Detective Comics #985’ (review)

Written by Bryan Hill
Illustrated by Phillipe Briones
Published by DC Comics


In just three issues, writer Bryan Hill has completely turned me from disliking this title, to absolutely loving it. His scripts are clean, thought out, and vibrant. The story he is telling is fun and exciting and I have been truly loving it.

At the start of this issue, Bruce decides to put a stop to the army that he has been training. It seems that the villain Karma has been targeting the people Batman wanted to recruit. The opening scene is Bruce arguing with Alfred about it. The scene is strong and undercut with a lot of tension.

From there, we find that Bruce has been keeping a secret from Black Lightning.

We get a flashback to Markovia from years ago involving that secret.

From that memory, Bruce seems to remember that he may be responsible for making the villain. It makes the stakes even higher. That’s a good thing as the drama gets ratcheted here and Hill handles it well.

Black Lightning has to tell the recruits Batman has grounded them. Things start getting out of control fast. It’s all very exciting and fun.

Hill makes the story a page turner. He handles the dialogue well too. I hope DC hands him a Black Lightning title.  He’d do great at it.

The art is very good too, here. Someone (I won’t say who) is executed at the very end on television and it’s a nice way to end on a cliffhanger.

The next issue can’t come soon enough!




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