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Pulp 2.0 and Renowned Spanish Artist Joan Boix To Terrify English-Speaking Comics Audiences

Pulp 2.0 Press announced it has signed a publishing deal with Spanish comic book artist Joan Boix to license the creator’s classic horror comics and bring them to English-speaking audiences.  Known throughout the world for his Robny the Tramp and Jonathan Struppy masterworks, and his tenure illustrating The Phantom for European audiences, Joan Boix (Juan Boix Sola Segales) has amassed a library of original creator-owned work. Pulp 2.0 will license these original stories as well as his literary adaptations of horror works by masters Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft.

“Joan’s comics are incredible studies in graphic intensity and storytelling.  He is a master of the form, “ said Pulp 2.0 MPB Bill Cunningham. “For English-speaking fans who aren’t familiar with his work, Joan Boix art invokes the best visual storytelling reminiscent of b&w magazines of the 1970’s like Creepy and Eerie combined with the outrè  sensibility of the Skywald magazines. Once you read a Joan Boix story, you don’t forget it.” The stories under license to Pulp 2.0 originally appeared in the Spanish Dossier Negro (Black Dossier) the pioneering horror comics magazine.

After translating all of the stories from their original Spanish into English,  Pulp 2.0 will release the stories in a variety of digital and print formats with an eye toward a master color collection.  “We want to make sure our audience gets the chance to read these graphic stories in whatever format they choose,” said Cunningham. “We are certain there is an audience out there for these kinds of horror stories and art that push the boundaries of what people think are the limits of the medium. In addition, we feel it’s a great start for Pulp 2.0 to bring more diversity to the standard American comic book reading experience. We now have deals in place to bring more “pulp comics” to our shores, and give our readers something they are familiar with, but haven’t quite seen before.”

The first volume of Joan Boix’s work will debut in 2019.


About Joan Boix:
Born in Badalona in 1945, Joan Boix had his first comic published in Bruguera’s magazine Sissi in 1962, at age 17. He later worked for the international agencies Bardon Art and Creaciones Editoriales. He contributed romance stories to British publications like Mirabelle and Starlet for a period of ten years. He was additionally present in Dutch girls’ magazine Tina with stories like ‘Audrey en het spinoza-septet’. Joan Boix took a step forward in his career by the mid-1970s, when he produced and owned the copyright of a number of horror and suspense stories that he first published in Dossier Negro. Another personal creation of this period was ‘Robny el Vagabundo’.  In the 1990s Swedish publisher SEMIC Press selected Joan Boix as a member of the so-called Team Fantomen. As a result Joan Boix, who had previously drawn the series ‘Kerry Drake and Lefty Drake’ for the publisher, became an illustrator for the Swedish production of ‘Phantom’ stories. His resume’ also includes work on Masters of the Universe and She-Ra, Princess of Power.  In addition to his already impressive body of work, in 1965, barely 20 years old, Joan Boix founded first school of comics in Europe. to train future professionals of sequential art. It is an activity that he continues to today. [Source: ]

About Pulp 2.0:
Pulp 2.0 Press, headquartered in Glendale, CA was initially formed to republish classic pulp and paperback series which had fallen out of print. The company’s mandate is to place well-designed pulp entertainment into eager fans’ hands using the latest internet technology. This includes print, ebooks, video, audio, merchandise and games. In this way, Pulp 2.0 Press is poised to create, develop and distribute ‘pulp entertainment’ across a variety of media.

It all began when Bill Cunningham decided he wanted to read the entire 11 New Adventures of Frankenstein series in paperback.  After some quick internet research, he estimated it would cost him around $300 USD to read all 11 books. All were out of print, and cost too much through ebay. He contacted author Donald F. Glut and they decided to reissue them in well-designed editions for the reader who wanted an “affordable collectible.”

From these beginnings the company has  grown into an IP library of nearly 100 characters, expanding to meet the needs of the growing audience for quality pulp fiction.  Pulp 2.0 has also expanded to develop original pulp character series for comics, ebooks and other media – the true definition of Pulp 2.0.


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