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‘The Complete The Killer’ (review)

Written by Matz
Illustrated by Luc Jacamon
Foreword by Brian Michael Bendis
Published by Archaia / BOOM! Studios


I had previously read the first three chapters in this book. I always thought I’d like to read it all in its entirety. So, I was lucky enough to finally sit down and read the whole thing. It wowed me in a way I wasn’t expecting.

This compilation, clocking in at about 772 pages is a thing of excellence. If you haven’t heard of this book, shame on you. But now is your chance to purchase this beautiful gem. And mine too.

This French comic book is translated for American audiences here. The story is fairly basic. In the first story of the thirteen presented here entitled “Long Fire,” we are introduced to our assassin. He is a nameless, odd looking man. He is on a stakeout.

The whole story moves along with flashbacks. Matz shows who the Killer is and what he is all about.

Each of the stories presented here show the Killer in a different set of circumstances. Though there is not much of an overall plot beyond what I mentioned earlier, Matz really makes the Killer character compelling. Each chapter changes the Killer and the progress is fantastic.

Chapter Three was the highlight for me for both story and art. In it, the Killer has to go to New York City to pay a debt. The writing is the best here as it’s twisty yet emotional. It has a great look to it too that draws the reader’s eyes in perfectly.

The strongest chapters overall are chapters one through five. The writing is tightly focused here and moves along at a brisk, yet contemplative pace. Chapters six through twelve are the weaker chapters. The story loses focus a bit and you stop caring about the Killer a bit. The art though is still amazing in those chapters however, and the panel compositions are always amazing. Each page is a new treat.

Chapter Thirteen ends the book in an amazing way. Matz really does an excellent job here. It’s worth it and ties the whole story up perfectly. It’s an unbelievable note to end on.

This is a great creative team. I hope to see more from them working together. As it stands, this book is truly excellent. It deserves a place on every comic collector’s shelf.



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