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4 Great TV Series on Netflix That You Can Watch With Friends

Looking for a good TV series on Netflix that you and your friends can sink your teeth into and binge watch into oblivion? The amount of content on Netflix nowadays is staggering and more and more new shows are constantly being introduced – but there are some that deserve a special mention.

Right here and right now you’ll find 4 great TV series that you can watch with your friends. Generally these series should cater to any taste, and offer a dose of all-round entertainment regardless of your personal preference.


Breaking Bad

Arguably the all-time best series on Netflix, Breaking Bad’s premise of a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer may sound insane at first – and that’s because it is. The show continuously spins out of control over the course of 5 seasons, as the protagonist-antihero Walter White steps up his game while attempting to hide his double-life from his family.

Overall Breaking Bad is a series with a killer premise, compelling characters, and more than enough action and suspense to keep you and your friends glued to your seats for hours at end.


Stranger Things

Just two seasons in so far, Stranger Things is the latest big hit on Netflix and it is a TV series that has taken the world by storm. Centering around a group of kids who encounter a sinister plot to experiment on people in their small town, it has copious doses of horror, suspense and science fiction.

One of the most noticeable aspects of Stranger Things are the numerous 80s references that surface over the course of its 2 seasons. However if you’re a horror film buff you’ll notice that not only are there references, entire scenes are filmed to mimic the style of some famous flicks from the 80s as well.

Just be aware Stranger Things’ third season has been delayed, and will air in 2019.



In the event that you’re all in the mood for something a bit more lighthearted, there is no better show to watch with your friends than Friends. Since all ten seasons of Friends were added to Netflix’s library, it makes perfect sense to kick back and watch the six friends get up to no end of mayhem as they stumble through love, drama, comedy, friendship, family, and mishaps.

Even if you’ve watched Friends in the past, the series is nothing if not re-watchable and before you know it you’ll probably be hooked once again.


Black Mirror

Not for the faint hearted, Black Mirror is a dark look into a science fiction future. Each episode is a standalone story that deals with a particular type of technology and how it may be abused leading to no end of trouble.

Ranging from creepy to terrifying, Black Mirror will provide you and your friends with no end of discussions. Each season is short, with the first two at just 3 episodes and the second two with 6 episodes – but it is a show that is best watched in small doses anyway.


Start Watching!

When you decide which TV series you’d like to watch, you can start planning a viewing party with your friends. If you’re worried about your internet cutting out, you could look into ways to save the show so you can watch it offline. One example to consider is using a screen recorder such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Make no mistake there are lots of other shows that you could think about watching as well – and considering the rate at which Netflix is adding new shows you should always be on the lookout to see if anything new crops up that you think would suit your group.




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