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Altus Press Announces ‘The Wild Adventures of The Spider’!

“I am extremely pleased to announce that I have reached an agreement with Joel Frieman’s Argosy Communications to revive some of Popular Publications’ most prominent heroes in a new series of novels bearing the acclaimed Wild Adventures banner,” says prolific pulp novelist Will Murray, also known as the co-creator of Marvel’s Squirrel Girl.

“The list includes The Spider, America’s Secret Agent, James Christopher––better known as Operator 5––G-8 and his Battle Aces, as well as The Octopus, The Secret 6, and Red Finger.

“And yes, there will be crossovers.

“The first release in the new Wild Adventures of The Spider series is an epic novel tentatively entitled The Doom Legion. When a weird meteorite impacts Central Park, its emanations transform ordinary citizens into mindless zombies whose burning eyes emit devastatingly destructive rays. Richard Wentworth once again dons the mantle of the dreaded Spider to save the city he’s long sworn to protect.

“But he’s not alone. James Christopher is also on the case, as is a mystery agent from military intelligence whose real name is unknown, but who flew the combat skies of World War I under the code name of G-8!

The Doom Legion will not be a standard team-up story. Distrustful of Richard Wentworth’s notorious reputation, the two government agents conduct their own investigation, while The Spider is forced to operate alone, pursued as ever by lawful authorities.

“Looming over the chaos engulfing the island of Manhattan is a threat from the past. Tall, sinister, his true features unknown, this monster has sworn to eliminate one of the three crimefighters battling the meteor zombies. For their enmity goes back years.

“Is this a Spider, Operator 5 or G-8 antagonist? That mystery will only revealed in the pages of The Doom Legion….

“After that comes a solo Spider adventure in which the Master of Men once again confronts one of his most futuristic foes, a master villain who is attired in steel-clad armor! But this resurrected enemy has built an ever more formidable battle suit––and he’s not working alone. This one is called Fury in Steel.

“Beyond that, there is the first entry in the Wild Adventures of James Christopher, Operator 5. Tentatively titled Rule of the Red Reapers, it’s scheduled to guest-star the mysterious counterspy known as Red Finger. And I would not be surprised if other heroes blaze their way through a few chapters.”

The Spider originally appeared in the pages of his own pulp magazine between 1933-43. Stan Lee read The Spider as a young boy and often pointed to the character as an inspiration for Spider-Man.

Each of these novels will be released in trade paperback, e-book and hardcover formats. The hardcovers will feature a bonus novelette, also written by Will Murray. For The Doom Legion, The Secret 6 will be on hand to combat the outbreak of meteoric zombies on Long Island in their first new adventure in over 80 years, “The Meteor Men.”

All titles will be released through Matt Moring’s Altus Press, the successor to Harry Steeger’s legendary Popular Publications. Covers by the award-winning Joe DeVito.

The Doom Legion is now available in trade paperback via the Adventures in Bronze website, and will be released to Amazon by September 1.

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