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‘Nightwing Annual #1’ (review)

Written by Benjamin Percy
Illustrated by Otto Schmidt
Published by DC Comics


The cool creative team of Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt are reunited for this issue.

The duo previously did work on the beginning of the Rebirth Green Arrow.

Here, they collaborate again to excellent results. Percy is currently the writer on the regular Nightwing title so he also expands on that as well here.

The opening scene has Batgirl performing an impromptu surgery on Dick Grayson. She is taking out the Bleeding Edge technology that has attached itself to his body. It’s a harrowing beginning that made me sit up.

We then fast forward a week later.

Nightwing has been summoned by Vicki Vale to the Gotham Four News Headquarters. Apparently there was a threat that was made Vale feel uneasy. It’s not like any other threat that the Network has received.

It’s from the Dark Web.

Nightwing then teams up with Vicki Vale to track them down. Secrets are starting to bubble to the surface! But then, Nightwing learns about three lieutenants in the Dark Web army. He then has to eventually face off against one of them here by the name of Vire. It’s a hell of a fight as well that is thrilling.

It’s a very compelling issue. I am happy with the new direction this book has taken. Percy is doing something new and interesting. The art by Schmidt is great as well. It’s like animation it’s so sleek. This is a perfect annual for Nightwing. You can’t ask for more.



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