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‘Harley Quinn #50’ (review)

Written by Sam Humphries 
Illustrated by Various
Published by DC Comics


I have a confession to make. I find Harley Quinn’s solo comics to be incredibly annoying.

They always feel like that they are trying too hard to be weird and it never really works.

Since it’s all so jokey and goofy, there is no real weight for me in reading her adventures.

And that’s where we are when we hit this issue.

This issue focuses on Harley Quinn breaking all of reality. And it’s so metaphysical, it’s sort of annoying.

Harley Quinn picks up a Harley Quinn comic book.

And this comic book is the thing that helps Harley break all of reality. And then all hell breaks loose because of it!

Harley commits a bunch of continuity errors for the universe. And now she has to go fix it!

She is out to do so! And she can’t do it alone! She then teams up with Jonni DC, Continuity Cop! Together, her and Jonni travel through time and space to save everything!

Can she do it?

Well, I hardly cared if she did.

Sam Humphries writes in a way here that is very forced. It’s not very funny. It’s not even very cute. It just rather annoying like I said before and it’s very dull. We get different scenes for different artists but it doesn’t amount to much.

The artists themselves are the best part of the book. We get a fantastic array of fantastic artists that fill this book. The Babs Tarr section is my favorite of the book as it’s fast and funny and the art looks like nothing else in the book.

Everything is solved in the end. Nothing of importance happens. We get a lead in to the next issue and a character named Captain Triumph.

Does it seem interesting?

Hell if I know. I already checked out a long time before that.




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