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‘Supergirl #22’ (review)

Written by Marc Andreyko
Illustrated by Kevin Maguire
Published by DC Comics


In just one issue, Marc Andreyko and Kevin Maguire completely renewed my interest on this title. I love the set up they came up with and how it relates to the story currently going on in the Superman titles. It’s connected and it makes a difference and I just love that. This is the kind of Supergirl story that I happen to love.

Supergirl and Krypto go off into space to find out what really happened to the planet Krypton. Rogol Zaar came to Earth with a story. Kara wants to see if that story is indeed true. So, off to the stars they go! And they meet a few characters along the way for good measure.

Her journey eventually alerts the Green Lantern Planet of Mogo. This also puts her into the path of two other familiar Green Lanterns. One is Kyle Rayner and the other is John Stewart. Both try to get some information from Kara but she will only tell them so much.

You see, Kara thinks that this whole thing might be an inside job.

Somebody on Krypton might have betrayed them all. But she doesn’t want to tell anyone her theories. So she plays her cards close to the chest until she knows more.

The two Lanterns bring her down to the planet. While there, she does some exploring. And then at the end, she comes face to face with a guardian from Oa. Things look to be getting wacky.

The writing is quite solid. The art by Maguire is great as usual. It’s a good issue overall and I just enjoyed it. I hope it continues along these lines.



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