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Did Pop Music Die In 2000?

During the early 60’s there was something of an explosion in the pop world. Bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones found themselves riding a wave of popular culture. Previous decades had fed teenagers a watered down version of what their parents had listened to. That was about to end. Music became important in the lives of the young people and the trend was to continue for decades to come.

During the 1970’s Pop Music began to change again. Although the quality of Pop Music in the 70’s was of a high standard it lacked the freshness of the 60’s. Music producers became influenced by market forces. Hence a backlash that arrived in the form of Punk Rock and for few years the Pop scene lit up again.

By the mid 80’s Punk Rock was finished. The New Romantics had taken over and the music scene was sounding very different. The eighties proved fertile ground for the Pop Music industry. Band Aid came and went and was judged a stunning success but the writing was already on the wall. Vinyl was dead and the audio cassette was replaced by the CD. Top of the Pops still mattered but the charts were becoming less important. The 1990’s would prove another turning point.

With the arrival of Teen Pop and Dance Pop the kids were getting younger. Once again the producers were chasing the money. The 1990’s saw birth the of another music genre that was to eventually conquer Pop music. Hip Hop was born. Hip Hop had been around in the eighties but it was the nineties that saw it rise up.

By the year 2000 Pop Music had become Hip Hop or Hip Hop had become the new Pop.  In December 1999 Billboard Magazine named Mariah Carey the best artist of the decade. The Brit Pop movement had dissolved a few years earlier. A couple of years on and Google is born along with the digital age. Music is consumed differently.  Now music is listened to on smart phones, allowing users to listen while playing games. The phone’s versatility can even access pay by phone casinos which let you play your favourite mobile casino games and pay with your phone bill. Everything changes with technology and that includes music.

Pop Music may have died in 2000 but, the genre always finds new audiences and fans.  Pop Music return to its former status. It just needs the new tech to make it happen.


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