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‘Naomi #1’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
and David F. Walker
Illustrated by Jamal Campbell
Published by DC Comics


A new book featuring a new character by Brian Michael Bendis? Sign me up! That’s all I needed to here to want to read this book.

And I wasn’t disappointed at all.

This book is everything I could’ve wanted it to be and more. It’s really a spectacular launch for a new title through and through.  He has a co-writer on this by the name of David F. Walker and their work together is wonderful.

The opening page has a typical Brian Michael Bendis design where a bunch of kids are talking about some sort of incident that has happened.

Most of them seem amazed.

That is until we get over to Naomi. She gets the last line of that opening scene and then we are off to the races!

From there we cut to a scene of Superman fighting Mongul. It’s a nicely drawn scene by artist Jamal Campbell. His art is off the charts good. I have never seen his work before but I have a feeling he’s going to be a huge breakout talent. And I can tell that just based on the first three pages! It’s that good!

So after that event with Superman, we see the kids and their reactions to it all. Nobody can believe that something like that happened in their part of town. They have never seen anything like that. But why did it happen in this Midwest town. And has there been anything else that has happened like this in the town before?

We then see Naomi and we are given an introduction to her. She works in a little cafe. Then Superman comes back and she goes to see him. She goes home to talk to her foster mother about the day. And then something is said that just sets her off. She thinks Superman’s visit into her town has something to do with her adoption and who she might actually be.

She then goes to some of the seedier parts of town to find out who she might be. Bendis and Walker write a fun but intriguing tale here that is relatable and entertaining. It’s also a nice mystery that is worth exploring. They keep it fast and light but they manage to get your attention and keep it lively.

This is a nice start to a new title and character. It’s an easily accessible book that just works on all front. The story and art are great but it goes beyond even that. The whole thing just feels fresh.



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