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‘Supergirl #26’ (review)

Written by Marc Andreyko
Illustrated by Kevin Maguire
Published by DC Comics


I love the direction this book has taken.

Supergirl is out in space trying to solve an old mystery and it’s been thrilling. Marc Andreyko has taken the character from being “cutesy” to the point of being a major league character in just issues. He has made Kara vital and important to the overall DC Universe as well.

After the events of the last few issues, Supergirl is captured in space. Who has done this and why?

Well, it seems that it’s a one eyed character named General Harry Hokum! Harry has some plans for Kara and he’s going to enact them.

Problem is, Kara can’t be kept down for long.

So we see Kara being his hostage in faraway space. It’s actually much more entertaining than I make it sound. There’s a really funny moment that Maguire draws where Kara perfectly and defiantly spits in General Harry Hokum’s one good eye. It’s moments like these that really do make Maguire the whimsical artist that he is.

Andreyko makes it fun, too. There is a moment where Kara makes fun of one of the General’s female servants . She basically scolds the servant for working for a male boss like Hokum and calls her pathetic. Then the servant slaps her around a bit. It’s really is one incredible thought out character moment after another. Coupled with Maguire’s Illustrations, we get some really nice moments like this through the entire issue.

The whole thing leads up to Kara trying to break out. Kara gathers some prisoners. She leads them out. Then, she stumbles upon a group that we have not seen in quite awhile. Hold onto your hats kids because the Omega Men are back! I wasn’t expecting to see them but honestly, they are a welcome addition here.

The end is as crazy as the beginning! This leads us to a mighty cliffhanger that is very strong. Andreyko and Maguire have done another wonderful issue here. Having Maguire back on the art duties is a dream come true. I’m just enjoying every second of this.



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