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Top 4 Bingo Games of 2018

Photo by Corrine Klug / via Flickr

Gone are the days when your mother or grandmother would take you down to the bingo hall once a month, or once a week if you were lucky. Once there you waited excitedly as the croupier called the numbers from the spinning ball from which they were drawn.

Whilst all this was going on the parent you were with would chat to their friends across the table or even the neighbouring tables.

Those distractions, or disturbances, as you may have seen them at the time, are now a thing of the past. With today’s technology, there’s no need to show up to a worn-down bingo hall. Instead, you can play bingo from the comfort of your own home. Or anywhere in fact!

Online casinos like Paddy Power allow you to play all their games, including bingo, on your smartphone or tablet. This means, provided you have internet access on the go, you can now play bingo on public transport, at a restaurant or even at the cinema is you so fancy! And here are four bingo games that have proven popular in 2018:


Doubleup Ducks

A favourite of many bingo players, Doubleup Ducks is a unique game with plenty of small fortunes to be discovered. It’s probably the prizes on offer as to why players keep coming back so frequently!

The theme of this game is a funfair, which is an attraction to players of all ages. Remember when your parents first took you as a child? All the rides and candy floss you enjoyed? Then years later you went with your friends as a teenager, and after that it was your turn to be the fun-loving parent and take your own children down to the fair.

Those happy memories can be brought back to life with Doubleup Ducks. Yellow ducks cruise across the front of the funfair stall in this game that can bring hours of joy, several days of the year, to many bingo players. Not to mention the prizes on offer!


Age of the Gods: Lord of Lightning

This bingo game is based on the popular slots series of the same name. Age of the Gods has proven to be a popular hit in 2018.

Players are greeted with dramatic music when the room is loading up. Though the game doesn’t have too many great bonus features, the Gods themselves prove to be a popular feature. You can win any one of the four prizes: Ares, Athena, Hades or Zeus.

Wins are across the usual one line, two lines or full house. On winning a full house the Age of the Gods feature comes into play. At this point the game concludes.


Shaman Spirit

The highly-anticipated sequel to the popular Shaman’s Dream, Shaman Spirit has proved to be a popular hit in 2018. In the latest version of the game, players are given a chance to discover the spirit of the beast and the wonder of the prairie.

Shaman Spirit captures the imagination of slot machine players both new and experienced. Your challenge here is reveal the spirit animals of the totem pole before the full moon rises. The opportunity to win 15 free spins is handed to you when the female spirit appears.


Blasting Betty

If you want to experience a bingo adventure of a lifetime then look no further than Blasting Betty. Space games have always been popular among slot machine and bingo players alike, but this game from Playtech has taken bingo games to a whole new level in 2018.

Discovering aliens has been part of human fascination for decades. And films such as ET and Gremlins have proven to be hits that are still popular several decades with new generations several decades after their release.

Blasting Betty brings you a theme full of aliens and outer space along with a special bonus feature where players can see a brave spacewoman fight against the martians. Yes, you read that right!


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