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‘Batgirl #32’ (review)

Written by Mairghread Scott
Illustrated by Paul Pelletier
Published by DC Comics


Every issue I read this book and every issue it’s just okay. There used to be some amazing creative teams on this character. Right now though, it feels directionless. That’s a real shame because this character can be something real great. Hopefully something happens and it gets steered in the right direction.

The People’s Choice congressional candidate Luciana Alejo is ready to give an interview that can assure her victory. But she is warned that her life is in danger. Alejo doesn’t seem to care and wants to give her speech anyway. Truly, she’s kind of an obnoxious character.

So we see Batgirl going around the television studio looking for ways to protect Alejo. She is also looking for the supposed assassin.

From there, the story just follows along in familiar beats.

Alejo does the interview. She is attacked while doing so. Batgirl fights the assassin. He’s a big brute by the name of the Cormorant. I guess all of the cool names were taken because that doesn’t necessarily roll off the tongue. The attack happens.

And guess what happens from there?

You guessed it. Batgirl has to fight the undercooked Cormorant person. There are some dramatic moments where it seems like Batgirl might lose or someone may lose their life. Beyond that, there’s not much else.

Then the issue just ends in a rather flat way, just like you expect it would.

Pelletier does what he can with the art. There is a little bit of excitement in the fight scene but not enough to really make an impact. The story though is just a dull one. Mercifully, it’s the last one in this particular storyline. Hopefully it’s much better next issue. It certainly can’t get much worse than this.



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