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‘Hex Wives #5’ (review)

Written by Ben Blacker
Illustrated by Mirka Andolfo
Published by Vertigo/DC Comics


This has been a nice surprise of a comic book. Writer Ben Blacker has taken us on a really fun journey these past four issues and this one follows suit. It’s fun, spirited and reminds me of the kind of books that Vertigo made its name on. I’ve been very happy reading this.

The issue starts with Izzy getting ready. It’s a wordless nine panel grid that shows off a lot of character. It’s well done.

Then, that leads into the opening sequence of the book where Izzy is coming to terms that she is indeed a witch.

Since she realizes that, she also realizes that she has powers. This leads her to question her existence and who she might actually be.

We see Izzy floating and lifting heavy things. (The unmistakably funniest moment of the book is when she lifts the fridge without effort and says”filthy under here”). She talks to her friends about it. But her scheming husband keeps showing up at the most inconvenient times. Things are very funny but there’s a serious and almost twisted undertone in these early sequences for sure.

That’s also because we have learned that Izzy’s husband is up to no good and is part of an organization that is keeping watch on Izzy and her housewife friends. Izzy throws a soirée at the beginning of the issue to impress her Aaron’s(her husband) regional manager. While this is going on, Nadiya and Izzy are forming a connection, one they never thought that they would have.

Things in the issue become a sort of cat and mouse game. It’s rather tense for sure. It leads into a huge story moment that I don’t want to ruin. But it’s really awesome. It also leads into a very dark ending that turns the entire tone of the book into something else. It’s quite good and I sat up on the edge of my seat.

Ben Blacker is writing one of the best books on the market with this comic. It’s funny, tense and absolutely weird. It’s great. The art by Andolfo is perfectly strange and wonderful as well. I’m not sure where we will end up, but I do know that wherever it is, that it’ll be a truly unique place indeed.



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