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The Best Casino Games Based on Pop Culture

There are only so many themes that one can come up with when designing a casino slot. The classic themes of fruits, bars and 7s have been done to death, so it’s only normal that games developers look for outside influences.

Over the last few years there has been a drive towards creating slots on anything remotely linked to popular culture, with everyone from Guns n’ Roses to Sex and the City getting the slot machine treatment. Below we have picked some of the best:


Highlander Slot

Starting with a cult classic, the Highlander Slot is based on the 1986 Christopher Lambert fantasy-vehicle. It’s officially licensed, meaning real imagery, video clips and sounds are taken from the film. You’ll find Lambert and the other actors – with the notable exception of Sean Connery. The highlights are the retro 80s vibe and imagery, but there is also a very lucrative free spins feature based on “The Quickening”.


Playboy Gold Slot

Ok. So, it’s 2019 and Playboy probably isn’t the most revered example of pop culture, given its representation of women. However, the Playboy Gold slot is not about stripped-down women at all. It’s about great gameplay on an innovative reel set, as well as lots of big-money special features. In addition, whether you like it or not, the music track, which sounds like Nile Rodgers playing guitar on a 70s porn film, will be stuck in your head for days.

Jurassic World

Like the movie, Jurassic Park slot from Microgaming was a huge hit. Also like the movie, the slot got a big reboot with Jurassic World. Like the original, Jurassic World is a bold, ambitious slot full of special feature and big cash bonus games. The graphics are top notch too. You can check it out, along with Highlander Slot and Playboy Gold above, at, which offers language options for Japanese, English, Swedish and Finnish players.



Yep, Seth McFarlane’s comedy bear has his own slot game. What makes it a great slot is that it doesn’t simply just brand the game with Ted’s image and then play out as a regular game. Rather, Ted is endlessly inventive, with around seven or eight bonus games all of which tie in nicely to the theme of the movie. So, expect plenty of references to beer, marijuana, casual sex and so on.


Superman Roulette

How do you make a superhero roulette game? You add prizes worth thousands to the mix. Superman Roulette is essentially just regular roulette, with a few exceptions in terms of style and bonus games. However, what makes this game worth your attention is the four progressive jackpots that can be won with any spin. The biggest jackpot, the Grand Jackpot, can be worth millions.


Game of Thrones

Another title that is available to play at Lucky Casino, the Game of Thrones slot is actually available in two versions, one with 15 paylines and one with a whopping 243 lines. The advice is to play the former, as it could lead to huge payouts in the lucrative free spins feature. Again, it’s an officially licensed product, so expect plenty of images and sounds from the hit television series.


Battlestar Galactica

Like the tv show, Battlestar Galactica pushes the boundaries when it comes to creativity. It was one of the first slot games to rip up the rule book entirely, offering three different game modes, each with different ways to win, themes and special features. A classic.



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