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Tips to Keep Your Gaming Accessories Cool During an Intense Gameplay

More power ultimately means more heat. This is a general premise when it comes to intense gaming, which has now made cooling a growing concern for many PC gamers. The more accessories you add to your rig, the more care you need to take, and the more you need to invest in some of the best CPU coolers.

Gaming rigs trap ridiculous amounts of heat, and the more you go along, the more difficult it becomes to maintain your PC at a favorable temperature. So, what techniques can you use to ensure the cooling system works properly?


Additional Cooling!

The first and most important step in the cooling process is to ensure you have adequate, and a proper functioning cooling system. Accessories, by definition refer to additional stress on your rig, which means sometimes your PC’s internal cooling system maybe under stress.

The solution here is to go for either a liquid CPU cooler or an air cooler. Both function pretty much the same, although the air coolers are a bit larger and take up a bit of space. Having an extra cooler negates the effect of the extra heat generated, and ensures your PC doesn’t blow a lid.


Check your Hardware

Most people are so pre-occupied with accessorizing that they forget to swap out their old, insufficient HDD drive for a more powerful, better variety. Here’s the kicker, a low end GPU running modern, cutting edge game actually generates more heat compared to a powerful SSD running the same game. If you put too much strain on an old hard drive, the heat can get out of control.

Check the required specs to run any game you purchase, and compare your PC’s ability to run such games. If your HDD doesn’t match the requirements, then you may need to swap it out for a more advanced, better fitted GPU.


Check for Faulty Cooling System

Most PCs and laptop cooling fans feature inbuilt fans. The older the rig, the more likely the fans may be worn out or damaged. The unfortunate bit of it is the fact that most people wouldn’t know a faulty cooling system if it jumped up and bit them in the rear!

This is why it is important to regularly check the fans. This can be done by simple listening to your computer. All you have to do is listen for deaf silence, which means it’s not working, or rattling-clattering noises which means a piece of it may have broken off and it’s rolling around in there.

  • To know if it’s functioning fine, then you will only hear steady, rhythmic humming.



If you’re using a laptop, then flip it over and check the underside of it. You will see little rubber feet. The purpose of these rubber feet is to elevate your laptop just enough to ensure there is proper airflow into your cooling fans.

What most people don’t realize is, if you put your laptop on a soft surface, like say, you bed, the little rubber feet become redundant and the spaces that ensure airflow to the fans becomes obstructed.

  • Placing your laptop on a solid surface ensures your cooling fans take in a sufficient amount of cool air. So your system functions as it should.


Honorary mentions

There are other techniques that have been known to work, like cleaning out your rig with compressed air. This technique works great if you know how to take your PC apart bit by bit and clean dust out from in between the spaces.

  • You can also lower your maximum processor state if you’re running games that aren’t too demanding in terms of ops. This technique involves reducing Processor Power MGT to a value below maximum. You can do this on your change plan settings>power settings>PPM. You also need to ensure that you activate your cooling policy.



Lastly, certain techniques like under-clocking are still in a bit of uncharted territory as not too many people know their way around them. That said, the best and simplest tip is to ensure your internal cooling system works. Clean it regularly, place it properly, and try to shield your rig from dust, water and dirt.


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