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‘Suicide Squad: Black Files #5’ (review)

Written by Mike W. Barr, Jai Nitz
Illustrated by Phillipe Briones, Scot Eaton
Published by DC Comics


Here we are again!

We have two continuing stories in this limited series. One is pretty good! The other is pretty bad! Which one is which? The Katana story is the one I prefer as it has tighter writing and better art. The other one is so dang dull that you seriously can’t get past it.

The Katana story starts off with her soul trapped and she is fighting for her life. The issue shows her fight with Kobra and the results of that. We see her trying to be undercover a bit to get more information. Needless to say, it doesn’t go very well at all for her.

Barr keeps everything extremely lively here. The Suicide Squad is after Katana but have no idea that it’s her.

The whole thing is coming to a boil and it’s getting intense. The ending has a big attack on the White House from Kobra. Is Katana too late to stop these vicious fiends?

I love the story on this one and the art by Briones is great. He has improved vastly over the last few years and he really cuts loose here. This has been great and a lot of fun to read.

The second half of the book has a continuing story that is a complete snooze. Jai Nitz writes a story where the Suicide Squad has come back from the dead. But they are under the control of Sebastian Faust. He is about to eliminate all forms of magic and has possessed Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc to do his bidding.

And it just lands with a thud. The characters are boring and the real problem is that the Suicide Squad works best in gritty circumstances. This is anything but gritty and it’s to the story’s detriment. By the end I taken out of the story anytime there was something done with “magic.” It just didn’t work at all.

The art by Eaton is just plain bad too. It might actually make the story more difficult to stomach too and that’s saying something. And he can be a good artist! He’s just not at all here. Stick with the first story for a good time. The second one is like a short story that just never seems to end.



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