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The Myths and Reality in Gambling Movies

Gambling movies, like most other Hollywood movies, are full of spectacular characters who are capable of things that are hard to believe. This has resulted in a lot of myths regarding gambling, especially about casino games. What is real and what is just a myth?

The infographic created by can help us bust some myths and come one step closer to the real truth. Gambling movies often show scenes that are hard to recreate in life and might lead some people into thinking that such endeavors are possible in real life.


A great example of such a scene can be seen in the movie 21. Here, a character called Ben managed to win $315,000 in one year. He did so by counting cards with the help of a team of players made of MIT geniuses.

However, the true average for each of the players would have been around $25,000 per year. It’s highly unlikely that the team would have won $3.15 million in 17 trips to the casino since there would not have been that much money on the table.

The idea that ‘counters’ can win on a consistent basis is a popular idea seen in many movies, but it is completely false.


James Bond

Another great example are the James Bond films. In these movies, James Bond, the famous secret agent, is shown as being able to play games of luck as if they were games of skill. The games he prefers playing are baccarat and craps, which rely almost exclusively on chance. However, he somehow always manages to beat his opponents by using unprecedented skills.



Finally, a very popular and almost omnipresent idea featured in Hollywood gambling movies is beatings. One would think that the smallest misdemeanor in a casino would get you beaten up badly. Even though this was common in 60-80s, it no longer happens in the United States.

If you like our myth-busting abilities and you want to learn more, read the rest of the infographic below!




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