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‘Catwoman #10’ (review)

Written by Joelle Jones
Illustrated by Fernando Blanco
Published by DC Comics


I have to come right out and say it: While I enjoy Joelle Jones as an artist, I like her writing a little bit more. I love it when she writes for other artists, too. This issue was highly enjoyable and I credit Jones working on just the story only and not the art. The writing is more focused that way and is definitely a treat.

The opening scene is Selina off to perform a rescue! She’s on a motorcycle and it’s a highly charged scene.

Jones immediately gets things going and I was drawn right in. We then flashback and see how this scene came to be. We cut back to a few hours before and we are at an audition. There is a rare and expensive item up for bid.

People bid and Selina is there as well. She bids. She causes a little bit of a stir. She does it with absolute glee as well. I enjoyed how Jones was setting up the issue.

Then, Jones cuts back again to the Penguin story from a few issues ago. We pick right up from there. We see that he still wants her to steal something for him. There is a little bit of a pushback from Selina and that ends up in a fight between Catwoman and the Penguin’s men.

By the end of the book, we pretty much end up where we started. There are some incredibly drawn sequences here by Blanco. He’s always so good at what he does and is very underrated. His panel layouts and sense of storytelling are really great.

This book is pretty solid. Jones and Blanco work wonderfully together. This comic book won’t change the world but there is a lot of like. It did feel a little short, but I enjoyed it. It’s a nice breezy book that you forget about quickly, but you enjoy your time while you are there.



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