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‘Suicide Squad: Black Files #6’ (review)

Written by Mike W. Barr, Jai Nitz
Illustrated by Neil Edwards,
Scot Eaton, Roger Robinson
Published by DC Comics


Somebody needs to redo the Suicide Squad. That was my first thought after reading this book. After the last three years, they have languished in rather middling stories, and over the top action. They can be better than that.

So while I like the Katana story in this book very much, it still wasn’t enough to make me jump for joy. It’s good but even so it can be better.

The Katana story is the first one in this issue. We get to see Katana under the control of King Cobra. The world looks like it might actually end. The White House is about to be attacked. Everything is converging and the end of it all is upon us!

Can Katana get free of his control to stop the dastardly King Cobra.

The answer is yes. But she has the Suicide Squad to thank. They come to her rescue in a big way. Barr shows them working as a team and it’s actually great to see.

Katana has to fight Tatsu, but she is also fighting to break free of the mind control. It’s kind of cool to see how it all wraps up in a very neat way. It won’t change the world as we know it but at least it’s solid entertainment.

The second half of the book has the team squaring off against Sebastian Faust.  It’s the climax of the story and it all feels very dull. The dialogue itself is very boring too as not a lot happens to make you sit up and want to read this.

There is a LOT of fighting going on here. It seems that Jai Nitz said the hell with it and let’s just have a brawl.

Which is fine, but there wasn’t a solid story leading up to it so it all feels rather muddled and trite. You don’t feel for this characters. I certainly didn’t.

Mercifully, it does end. And though it’s left open, I think we have seen all we ever needed to at this point. The first story worked, the second said not. That’s all there is to it on this one.




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