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‘DCeased #1’ (review)

Written by Tom Taylor
Illustrated by Trevor Hairsine,
Stefano Gaudiano, James Harren
Published by DC Comics


So, before receiving this book, I had no idea this was coming out or even existed. And it’s a book written by the ever reliable Tom Taylor so I knew that there would be some fun to be had. Little did I know it would end up being a incredibly fun and unique comic book reading experience!

The issue starts out with an invasion of Earth that has “lasted more then a week” by that evil doer Darkseid. The Justice League is there and they end up defeating him. Wonder Woman tries to use the Lasso of Truth to compel him to say that he is never going to return to Earth again.

In perhaps the most ominous moment of the year, Darkseid tosses the Lasso off of him and says that there is no need. That he “got what he came for.”

The League members are confused at first. Then, there is a call to Batman that Cyborg has gone missing. The League members are shocked that Batman has a tracker on Vic.

Then, the question is asked if Batman has trackers on all of them. He hesitates with the answer “no.” Automatically, it sets off the League and things are tense.

In the next scene, we see that Cyborg is on Apokolips and it’s a brutal scene what happens. It sets the plot in motion.

It also is a beautifully drawn scene by the creator of Rumble, James Harren. I couldn’t get enough of it and was sad that it was only seven pages.

This whole thing leads to a mishap and unfortunately Apokolips blows up. “Darkseid was” indeed. This leads to Cyborg coming back to Earth. He unleashes a zombie-like infection in the world. And the plot just goes nuts from there.

But I was into it the entire time. Taylor keeps the action moving fast and the excitement high. Sure, we have seen plenty of zombie inspired media out there. But where else can you see Nightwing bite Batman on the neck that turns him into a zombie? This was a pretty fun and exciting read overall.




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