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‘Female Furies #4’ (review)

Written by Cecil Castellucci
Illustrated by Adriano Melo
Published by DC Comics


This has been a great title that has a strong political point of view.

Its topical without being heavy handed and above all, it’s highly entertaining. Writer Cecil Castellucci is giving us one hell of a story that demands your full attention.

The opening sequence is a flashback where a woman named Heggra is telling Granny she must work together with women to rise above her station. Granny silences her by killing her.

It’s a brutal scene to read that I won’t soon forget.

We then get another flashback scene with Granny Goodness sending Orion to New Genesis for one of Darkseid’s schemes. It’s drawn in a Jack Kirby inspired style.

The emotion and ramifications of this scene are huge. It actually chilled me right down to the bone.

We then see a wonderful scene between Big Barda and Scott Free. It’s actually delightful and illustrates their relationship perfectly. It also shows why they would fall for each other in a natural and honest way.

This scene also plays perfectly into the big cliffhanger that the creative team leaves us off on.

Before that cliffhanger though there are some excellent scenes and some fantastic unexpected dialogue. Barda tried to help Scott escape but their plans hit a bit of a snag. How will this affect her position on Apokolips? We get to see some of the answers unfold in this issue.

All of the Furies have a secret. As the series progresses, those secrets start to bubble to the surface. And the storyline starts to get darker and darker as the time goes on.

The story is strong and pointed. The artwork is pretty spiffy as well. I’m enjoying this book like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a great take on characters that never really got the spotlight before this. I’m glad to see that this is changing.



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