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‘Red Hood: Outlaw #34’ (review)

Written by Scott Lobdell
Illustrated by Pete Woods
Published by DC Comics


I have been loving this title so much. It just gets better and better every month.

Lobdell has taken this book and put it into overdrive! I can’t believe how good this has gotten. I’m on the edge of my seat throughout the book and I have this excellent creative team to thank! They just keep it coming!

The book starts out with a flashback. Jason Todd is in training with a group that make him face this crazy looking creature.

They have a confrontation. It’s a brief but effective scene. It also is relevant to the rest of the book.

From there, we see Jason in Paris. He is meeting up with Isabel. They have a calm dinner.

Seeing Jason on a date is a wonderful move on Lobdell’s part as a writer and it works incredibly well. We get to see more of their date throughout the issue and it’s really a nice breather here.

We get to see Miguel back in the Iceberg Lounge back in Gotham City. He is walking around the place making sure things are in place.

Also, the Penguin is captive and he is banging on the glass to be let out. It’s a macabre and funny scene and you can’t  help but giggle.

Jason and Isabel finish their date. Suzie calls Jason and asks what he is doing in Paris. He goes and gets into his Red Hood gear and goes off into the Paris night. He assures her that it all part of the plan. And what is that plan?

Well, we are about to find out.

The Red Hood breaks in to a seedy European gathering. Then, he heads home. It looks like he got what he came for. But while he was overseas, it seems like the Penguin may have found a way to break free. And it looks like things are really about to heat up!

The story is literally breathtaking. It’s building to something truly incredible and I’m watching this title and reading with glee. And Pete Woods always draws a good comic book. This is really fantastic and I can’t wait for the next issue!



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