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‘American Carnage #8’ (review)

Written by Bryan Hill 
Illustrated by Leandro Fernandez
Published by DC Comics


The last issue was the beginning of a new storyline. This picks right up from that. And it’s a stunner. This is a comic book that really doesn’t hold back, but this issue really drives that point home. I loved every second of it and i commend the creators for really putting themselves out there.

This issue opens with a truly bloody and violent scene.

Richard has been tasked with trying to find one of Jennifer’s friends. He seems to have joined a white nationalist group. Richard has infiltrated them but things have really gone awry. It all leads to this opening scene of this issue where we find Richard.

And he’s caught up in one intense standoff. The tension is high!

Richard gets out of it as the standoff is resolved. But it’s unsettling.

From there Richard regroups. We get to see him trying to get himself together. Bryan Hill doesn’t hold back on making things as brutal as possible and he’s really hitting his stride here. At times, it started getting hard to read as he really drives the plot points home of the story.  It’s a good thing.

Richard also has a harrowing conversation with Jennifer Morgan.

We get to see Richard and her talk about Sheila Curry. Sheila is starting to dig a little too deeply into the underworld. it seems that some people aren’t liking that idea. She’s getting so close that somebody might even want to take her out. It all leads into a cliffhanger which makes you want to know what happens next immediately.

Hill writes another great issue that rings true in every moment and every bit of dialogue. The art perfectly compliments the writing. This is a slow burn of an issue and it’s pretty great. I’m looking forward to see what they cook up next.



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