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‘Catwoman #12’ (review)

Written by Joelle Jones
Illustrated by Fernando Blanco
and Hugh Petrus
Published by DC Comics


This storyline has been really cool. I enjoy Joelle Jones as a writer. She’s been working hard to make the comic book stronger with each and every issue and her dedication to the writing shows.

She’ll always be a talented artist, but man, has she grown as a writer over the course of this series.

This arc in particular has been very solid.

A huge chase scene opens the issue. It pretty much picks up where we left off last issue. The pacing and the art here move at a very quick clip and it’s just awesome.

Catwoman is driving a  police car trying to escape the police and get Carlos to a safe place.

It’s proving harder than she thought. This part is full of energy. I just loved how Jones structured the story so we get flashbacks intertwined with this exciting police car chase!

From there, Catwoman and Carlos regroup.

We get to see a bit more of Raina Creel’s mad scheme and just what it is she is planning. We get some backstory from Selina’s past. It’s all very fun and interesting. That’s when we launch into more of the car chase and one hell of a cliffhanger!

Jones is to be commended for her work again. The whole issue moves at a great pace. My only critique is that the issues feels so damn short. I do realize it may because I’m having so much fun reading this that it feels that way.

The art by Blanco and Petrus round out the issue well. I must confess I do enjoy Blanco more, but Petrus is a solid artist as well. It’s just a personal preference. Together  however, they bring home the story by Joelle Jones rather well. And I can’t wait to see how it all ends.




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