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In Darkest Night: Will The ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Take Flight?

Art by Darwyn Cooke/Courtesy DC Comics

“Green Lantern Corps” is No. 103 on an IMDB list of movies under development by Warner Bros.

It is wedged between “Justice League Dark,” with a focus on the shadowy end of DC’s superheroes, and a remake of “Police Academy”.

“Green Lantern Corps,” with a plot of a group of humans joining an alien interstellar police force protecting the universe, was to be released in June 2020, but with it not being cast or even possibly written, it is delayed. But, hey, it’s still on the list.

So while there appears to be lollygagging when it comes to casting Green Lantern, several of top-rated betting sites, including Bovada, are happy to oblige, offering odds on who could be the DC hero(s) among other roles.

And yes, to be clear there are multiple Green Lanterns – not just the singular superhero you’re accustomed to. In a nutshell, the Guardians of the Universe created the Green Lantern Corps with multiple members to keep peace in the cosmos. Rings given to Lanterns give them power from a Central Power Battery, that ensures the are “assigned” to the proper sector. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, and can be aliens, bugs, well anything, really.

Green Lantern contenders from a list of Hollywood A-listers may surprise you, such as, Tom Cruise.

If the movie megastar were to attach himself to the project, “Green Lantern Corps,” could propel the movie which has taken a back seat to others in the DCEU, most notably “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson.

Let’s face it, Green Lantern has been wounded since its first big screen outing in 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds was a failure. We’re not going to delve too deep into the disaster of that film, which made about $19 million over its $200 million budget, but when the best thing you can say about it is that Reynolds met his future, well now wife, Blake Lively on set, well you see where we’re going.

That film’s biggest issue seems to be trying to compress so many Green Lantern stories in just one movie, according to critics and DC aficionados. So, this next attempt, whenever it hits the big screen as a lot riding on it – possibly the future of film franchise. Here’s hoping Geoff Johns, a former comic writer turned scriptwriter and movie producer in charge of the project is up to the task.

In this film, they are actually casting two Green Lanterns: a newbie, dare we say, a green Green Lantern/John Stewart opposite a more grizzled, battle worn Green Lantern/Hal Jordan.

As of this typing, no casting picks have been announced but various published reports have descriptions of the actors desired:

  • John Stewart: An African-American male, age 21 to 30. Character description: Prior to joining Green Lantern Corps, Stewart was a military sniper
  • Hal Jordan: White male age 39-50. This veteran of Green Lantern Corp was previously military test pilot.

Well, if Hal Jordan doesn’t sound like Tom Cruise to you, well commence the binge of “Top Gun,” “Edge of Tomorrow” and any of the latest from the “Mission Impossible” movie series.  A major strike with Cruise would be his salary ($25 million to $30 million) which could put the movie into a bigger hole than it could climb out from.

Other rumored choices: Nathan Fillion, Bradley Cooper, Joel McHale, Alex O’Loughin, Jake Gyllenhaal and Armie Hammer.

As for someone who can play John Stewart there are some very viable candidates led by our favorite Michael B. Jordan. He is certainly proven himself playing Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther” plus other compelling turns in “Creed,” HBO’s “Fahrenheit 451,” and “Fruitvale Station.”

Also mentioned as candidates for the job Common, Idris Elba, and Will Smith.


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