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‘Action Comics #1013’ (review)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Szymon Kudranski
Published by DC Comics


I have to admit, there were some parts of this issue that were extremely cool.

Metropolis gets put on lockdown and I quite enjoyed that. This is a both an Event Leviathan and the Year of the Villain crossover.

There are some pretty decent twists and turns and an actual revelation as well. It does get a bit muddy too, which is a shame, as some parts of this were truly excellent indeed.

The issue starts with Leone just coming out of the shower. Who is she greeted by?

Why, none other than Lex Luthor! He is there to make her his usual villainous “offers.”

It doesn’t go too well and then her place is invaded!

It’s a cool action scene and it really elevates the tension quite quickly!

From there we cut over to The Daily Planet. Ms. Goode and Perry White are talking about Leviathan. We then flash over to where we left off last issue. Leviathan is making his offer(there are a lot of offers in the DC Universe to watch out for now) of help. It’s supposedly of the first offer Leviathan has ever made and it was to Rose. Rose is an unreliable source and the meeting is questioned if it ever took place. But we get a full flashback anyway, and it seems rather likely. A lot of dialogue follows.

The rest of the issue moves a little quickly. We see Superman digging deeper into Leviathan. We see Lex Luthor try to do more nefarious plans. And we see Clark and Lois trying to work together to make sense of it all. It’s a lot to juggle and Bendis is not always successful. There’s a lot of cramming in here and you can feel it for sure.

The artwork though is something special. I would never have thought that Szymon Kudranski would be an Illustrator for this title but he’s perfect. The artwork is pretty fantastic.

It’s not a bad issue overall just rushed. It feels like we are trying to fit in years worth of storylines immediately, and that often never works. It doesn’t really here; although there are some really great moments to string you along to read the next issue. And of course, I will.



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