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‘Catwoman #13’ (review)

Written by Joelle Jones
Illustrated by Fernando Blanco
and Hugo Petrus
Published by DC Comics


This is a crossover with DC’s Year of the Villain. Strangely, I was okay with that. Joelle Jones has written such a cool little story that it felt organic. I loved that it blended perfectly into what we were already reading. I’m actually excited to see where Jones may be taking us from here.

Selina is on the run in the first scene. James is trying to talk to her. She just keeps on running. James is pretty persistent however. She keeps shrugging him off.

Finally, he gets her to stop.

And then the two of them have a discussion.

I realize this may not sound terribly exciting but Jones is so good as a writer now that the whole thing just flows.

This leads Catwoman into a battle with the residents of Villa Hermosa. It’s an incredibly intense battle. Then something really unexpected happens here. Selina takes a severe and brutal beating.

We then see a scene of the villains taking care of their business. It’s a particularly brutal scene that raises the stakes a bit.

Jones doesn’t hold back either here and it’s good to see.

Finally, we get to see Selina recovering. While she is doing so, she is visiting by a hologram of Lex Luthor. That’s when he makes his offer to help her. That is also the cliffhanger of the issue. And it’s a damn fine one.

This book has been picking up steam for months. Now it seems like Jones is really going to cut loose. The art is wonderful and the story is extremely strong. I’m excited to see what comes up next.




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