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‘Detective Comics #1007’ (review)

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
llustrated by Kyle Hotz
Published by DC Comics


This is another pretty great issue written by Peter J. Tomasi. He’s just been killing it on this title like you wouldn’t believe. He’s been writing some pretty excellent Batman stories but then he decided to throw the Spectre into the mix last issue.

Once he did that?

I was instantly hooked. Even more so than I already was.

The issue begins with both the Spectre and Jim Corrigan looking for each other.

This cult that is obsessed with them both is performing a ritual. And it’s a visual treat.

Artist Kyle Hotz really is killing it on this title. He’s making the whole thing wonderful with dynamic illustrations and incredible storytelling.

Batman is in the Batcave trying to deduce just what is going on. That’s when the Spectre shows up in the cave. It’s a hell of a scene when he does.

The two of them eventually agree to team up. It’s quite awesome when they do too. Then, they go off on the road!

This is the best part of the issue. The two of them actually do detective work! It’s really great to see and Tomasi knows how to make these two work as a team. It’s beautifully handled and the story moves along at a quick and accessible pace. I love it.

The ending is wonderfully handled. The best line is when Batman tells Corrigan that he can’t have him in his city and the reason why. This has been a nice two part storyline. I hope these two creators reunite sometime in the future as well. They work extremely well together for sure.



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