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‘Batman/Superman #1’ (review)

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by David Marquez
Published by DC Comics


When I heard that Batman and Superman were back together in a new title, I was excited. But that pales in excitement compared to my reaction once when I found out who the creative team was, Joshua Williamson and David Marquez are two top notch creators and having them work together is a pretty great idea. And it’s a pretty great issue too! It’s made even better as the villain of the piece it is the Batman Who Laughs!

That’s right! He’s back and he will not stop in his campaign of terror! We start the issue with Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. It’s not long before Batman calls him with a tip. Superman goes to check it out and finds a scene of utter destruction and violence. That’s when the Batman Who Laughs makes an appearance.

I was a bit worried about Marquez on this title. I love his art but wasn’t sure how he would handle the darker elements of the DC Universe. This book proves that he can truly draw anything. The first time that we see the Batman Who Laughs, it’s a scene of pure terror. I have to hand it to Marquez. He really is one of the best artists out there and in this book he’s only gotten better.

From there, we get to see Batman meeting up with Commissioner Gordon on the rooftop of police headquarters. The two of them discuss the case. Things aren’t looking too bright. Then in a completely surprising moment, Superman suddenly appears.

From there, the two superheroes team up here And I have to say it’s really great to see. It’s so incredibly cool to see the two heroes work together to solve this case. The Batman Who Laughs is one hell of a villain and they will need each other to survive. They do some detective work and then something crazy happens.

The dynamic duo find The Batman Who Laughs’ lair. Things become insane. By the end of the issue, they find themselves up against the Shazam! Who Laughs. I can only imagine what is going to happen next. I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

The creative team has a great and original take on this story that demands the reader’s attention right from the first page! I am more excited after reading this first issue about where we might be headed. I can’t wait to find out.




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