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Donnie Brasco Returns To Take on The Opioid Crisis in ‘Capitol White’ by Joe Pistone and Jon Land

On October 17, author Joe Pistone (Donnie Brasco, former undercover FBI agent) teams with Jon Land (Caitlin Strong series, Murder She Wrote series) for the release of Capitol White, a new Donnie Brasco novel, only available from Audible.

Five years have passed since Donnie Brasco thought he’d walked away from the FBI, after spearheading the takedown of the New York Mob. That is, until a chance encounter at the funeral of his mentor, Paul Weinman, leads him back into the game. Because, it turns out, that encounter with his former colleagues at the FBI wasn’t so random at all. And Weinman didn’t die of natural causes as had been reported, either: he was murdered.

At the root of Weinman’s murder is a case he was running so secret and fraught with danger that there’s no indication of what the operation involved or who Weinman had enlisted to help him. All Donnie can uncover are a few cryptic clues that prove to be just enough to send him down a trail that imperils him as well as his family.

Unlike the infamous Mob case that made him a marked man with a $500,000 bounty on his head, the trail this time leads Donnie not to the criminal underworld, but the political power brokers running Washington who, he learns, are fueling the very opioid crisis that has consumed the country. This time the bad guys wield fountain pens instead of guns. But to Donnie, like the Mob heavies he brought down before, they’re just killers—of hundreds of thousands of Americans over the years and in one particular: Paul Weinman.

And the only way Donnie can get to the truth and once again bring down the bad guys, is to do what he does best: go undercover to infiltrate the world he plans to destroy.


Pre-order Capitol White HERE!



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