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How to Keep Your Phone Long-Lasting on the Go

Cell phones used to be the size of an arm and required long cables to be able to work. Now, we take our phones everywhere, but it’s easy to overuse them.

iPhones and Androids can’t power up in brand new condition forever, and sometimes they burn out quicker than you expected your new model to. However, there are a few ways you can prevent long-term damage to your device and improve its life.

If you’re somebody that struggles with a phone that’s constantly running on empty charge by the end of the day, here are 4 things to keep in mind:


1. Keep It Charged

This is the top cell phone rule. Your phone won’t be happy if you don’t keep it charged. But that’s getting harder and harder with phones these days. It seems that batteries are made by companies to die by lunch.

Because of this, we’re forced to invest in cable chargers, battery packs, and charging cases. A necessary evil. But, there are ways you can make it a good investment instead of a pain in the butt. If you are looking for the most portable charger, a case is the way to go. Android or iPhone Charging Cases are a great, fashionable, and convenient way to keep your phone charged without stress.

Otherwise, don’t put so much stress on your phone throughout the day. Turn off bluetooth, close out of inactive apps, lower brightness, and keep it on energy saving mode when its battery level drops below 20%.


2. Give it a Screen Protector

Screen size is a huge selling point for cell phones. People want to be able to see what they are viewing, typing, and playing in the highest possible quality. They don’t want to squint or strain their eyes. This means that your phone likely has a huge screen (probably a touch screen too).

Protecting your screen is easy: just buy a screen protector. You can find these on online shopping sites, retail stores, or even phone company stores. These pair well with a durable case.


3. Turning it Off When You Can

Turning your phone off is the best way to conserve battery. Unless you need it for work or emergencies, you should practice keeping it off as much as possible. That way, you aren’t distracted by it, you end up saving battery, and your data won’t be stolen in case it is lost/taken from you.

The best part of turning your phone off is that you can still access emergency numbers and services easily. The phone will go immediately to the emergency section if you press the power button for a little bit, so you don’t have to worry about being in danger.


4. Backup Your Data

Every few months, you should back up all of your data. It doesn’t matter if you’re leaving for the day or you’re vacationing for a month: the most important part of your phone is its data, so you should do a quick back up in case anything happens while you’re out. You can buy a new model if it gets stolen, but you can’t regain your data.

Backing up data on your computer is simple, but you should try to back it up on an external drive. That way, you can leave it in a secure location when you go out.


Enjoy Your Happy Phone

Now that you have everything in place, you are good to go. Your phone will thank you for taking all the extra steps to make sure that it’s safe with longer battery and longevity throughout the day.



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