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Top 7 Reasons to Try Escape and Adventure Rooms

Are you looking for an interesting and different way to spend some time with friends, family, coworkers, or just to meet new people?

Trying out escape rooms or adventure rooms could be the activity you’re looking for!

Escape and Adventure rooms have become hugely popular and for good reason.

We take a look at the reasons you should try one.

What are Escape Rooms/Adventure Rooms?

It’s an interactive experience like no other!

The experience starts with you and a group of people – usually five to ten people in total – being briefed on the scenario or story the escape room entails. Once you’ve got all the details, you’ll be led into a room and “locked in.” The goal is to solve a series of puzzles to collect the clues that will allow you to break out of the locked room.

For example, your group may be told that they’ve been recruited to track down a rogue spy. The room will contain several puzzles and clues that lead to the location of this rogue spy. Props, videos, and audio are used to advance the story and it’s your job to use all of the above to solve the puzzles, decipher the clues, and track down this rogue spy.

Of course, the scenarios and stories change given the theme of the rooms. And most escape room and adventure room centers have multiple scenarios for you to choose from!

If you’re not yet convinced that you should try an escape room or adventure room ASAP, check out these reasons why you definitely should.


1) Challenge Your Brain

There aren’t many group activities out there that challenge your brain the way that escape rooms and adventure rooms do. You’ll need to bring all your brainpower to get out of the room successfully.

If you’re a fan of puzzles or you like solving mysteries then the challenge of an escape room or adventure room is the perfect way to flex your brain.


2) Have a Bonding Experience

Of course, you’re never alone in an escape room or adventure room. You’re always there with a team and you’ll need to work together to solve the room and break out in time.

Most escape rooms and adventure rooms are built for a certain team size, which means that the puzzles and clues will take a whole group to solve. That means you’ll need every single one of you working in sync to figure everything out.

Because you’re required to work together to break out, escape rooms and adventure rooms offer a bonding experience unlike any other.


3) Improve Communication Skills

All that working together requires some serious communication skills. This is especially true because escape rooms and adventure rooms are timed experiences. Usually, you and your team have between 45 and 60 minutes to break out of the room.

Your team will be under pressure, racing the clock, and these are the times when communication is absolutely essential. Adventure rooms and escape rooms are a great way to improve communication skills under pressure, which is one of many reasons why they’re often used as team-building activities for work groups or recreation teams.


4) Creative Problem Solving

All puzzles require you to think outside the box. The approach to solving each puzzle and finding all the necessary clues to solve an escape room or adventure room is never straightforward. And the clues are not always linear, meaning that one clue doesn’t necessarily lead to another.

This means you and your team will need to do a lot of creative thinking to put all the pieces together. This kind of creative thinking is essential to problem-solving, especially when the problems being addressed are abstract.

Escape rooms and adventure rooms can help you and your team members think of new approaches to big problems.


5) Screen-Free Zone

There’s no denying it – we’re all a bit too attached to our screens these days, especially our phones. Activities that force us to put down the screens and focus on the world around us are essential for well-being.

Luckily, escape rooms and adventure rooms are screen-free zones. In fact, your phone will be taken before you enter the escape room to ensure that you’re not looking up solutions for any of the puzzles on Google. So, you’ll get a break from your phone the entire time you’re in the room.

You’ll also be forced to rely on your own knowledge and skillset rather than looking up information on the Internet. How long has it been since you tried to figure something out rather than just Googling it? Well, an escape room or adventure room gives you the opportunity to rely on your own brain rather than Siri’s database.


6) Discover a Skill You Didn’t Know You Had

Since you won’t be relying on anything other than your own brain combined with the brainpower of your teammates, you’re likely to discover a skill you didn’t know you had! Maybe you’ll find out that you have a particular knack for breaking codes left in ancient manuscripts or that you have an eye for old school maps – the kind on paper, not Google.

Escape rooms and adventure rooms give you and your team the opportunity to engage with skills that you might not use in your daily life. So, it’s not surprising that you’ll find something new that you’re good at!


7) Sense of Accomplishment

The best thing about escape rooms and adventure rooms is the sense of accomplishment you and your team feel when you manage to break out of the room. When you solve all the puzzles, put together all the clues, and finally make your way out of the room, you’re all guaranteed to feel smarter than when you went in.

To make the sense of accomplishment even sweeter, most escape room and adventure room centers have a leader board that shows which teams made it out of the room in the fastest time. If your team manages to make it up on the leader board you’ll feel like absolute rockstars!


Ready to Try One?

If you’re ready to try out some escape rooms and adventure rooms, head on over to Google and search for one near you. They’ve become so popular in the past few years that there’s almost guaranteed to be one within driving distance from you.

If you’re looking for some other cool ways to spend your time, head over to the Interests section of our site and see what catches your eye.


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