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‘Batman Beyond #36’ (review)

Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Rick Leonardi
Published by DC Comics


This has been one hell of a story arc on this title.

It is actually best story of the writer Dan Jurgens and his run on this title thus far. It’s been a lot of fun and his writing really jives with the artwork by Rick Leonardi quite well.

I’m enjoying the heck out of this book month in and month out.

False Face has been wrecking havoc in the life of Terry McGinnis. He has taken on Terry’s identity and caused some serious problems. What’s a guy to do?

Well, as luck would have it, The Flash is still around!

And it’s good old Barry Allen! Bruce Wayne and Barry are back at it and it is time to take down False Face for good!

Barry first has to deal with the Splitt. This is a cool scene that shows that Barry still has it as a crimefighter. It is expertly drawn by Leonardi as well. The way that Barry fights and takes them down is so damn well drawn that you actually want to applaud when it is all finished. Or, at least I did.

From there, Melanie fights to defeat the false Batman and save the world! She has Bruce Wayne in her corner and she fights as hard as she possibly can against some tough odds. She does turn the course of the fight which is a good thing. And then the creative team do something really daring. They don’t solve the mystery of Terry’s amnesia.

I think that it is a great story that the creative team executed perfectly. The writing here is excellent and the art is perfect. This is a fine book that is well done. I hope this creative team works together again for a long time to come.



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