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‘Collapser #3’ (review)

Written by Mikey Way and Shaun Simon
Art by by Ilias Kyriazis
Published by DC Comics


This is actually turning out to be a cool little miniseries. I always like the books that the Young Animal line puts out. This is another feather in their cap. From the awesome cover to some really great story moments, Collapser is a really good title. I’m enjoying it very much.

The opening scene has Liam James meeting up in a strange land with Mr. Edgar. Liam had assumed that Mr. Edgar had died but he’s here right in front of him. Or is he?

Nothing is for certain in this book and that’s part of the charm and part of the fun! It’s a very strange and psychedelic opening scene for sure.

It seems that the two of them are inside of a black hole.

The black hole seems to be emanating from Liam’s chest. How is this happening and more importantly, why?

That’s when we get a bit of a backstory for this comic.

We get to see a lot of history leading up to Liam’s present circumstances. It isn’t boring to read either. Instead, it’s all rather fascinating. Liam learns about the power that is within him. He learns that it has the power to change things as well.

That also includes himself.

The story then shoots ahead in time to one month later. Liam is now a changed person. But what does that mean? Bigger questions are asked. It leads the book into a strange new direction. And it’s intriguing as hell.

This is a deeper book than most but it’s completely rewarding. The story is fascinating and the art is just perfect.

Artist Ilias Kyriazis is amazing and will have a hell of a career from this. Mark my words. We are halfway through the series and I’m  still looking forward to more.



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