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‘Gotham City Monsters #1’ (review)

Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Amancay Nahuelpan
Published by DC Comics


This is the comic book that nobody asked for but we are getting it anyway!

Six of Gotham City’s deadliest monsters team up. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure why this was a necessary comic but hey, it’s got Steve Orlando writing it so I figured I would give it a shot.

He’s usually pretty reliable and how bad could it be?

The book starts off with vampire Andrew Bennett in the middle of a fight with some of the Mad Monk people. The fight and the storytelling here is very standard.

The artwork by Amancay Nahuelpan is bad. It’s just very basic and it doesn’t feel like anyone is taking a chance.

This fight between Bennett and the Mad Monk gang gets the plot limping along. Then it becomes a real challenge to keep interested beyond this point.

We then cut over to see Killer Croc going about his night. He’s going around looking for someone but not having much luck.

The set up is pretty predictable as Orlando introduces each monster in the same kind of pattern. It’s a rather dull storytelling device.

From there we meet Frankenstein. He’s my favorite character in the book and felt the most well developed. His fight scene is very excellent and I loved the use of his lighter. That scene was very fun and I wish the rest of the issue followed suit for me. Sadly, it did not.

So the rest of the issue follows the same pattern. Then, all of the characters meet up for and it seems that they have to work together. Apparently, there is something threatening the multiverse and by this point I could hardly care. It just didn’t grab me unfortunately. I didn’t think it would but I was hoping for a nice surprise. It never came.

The end result is that the story is just okay and that the art is pretty okay. And that’s about it. It seems like the creators are afraid to throw much caution to the wind so it ended up being kind of boring. And I’d rather crazy nuts than this.



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