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How Do Online Games Find New Players and Stay Popular?

The games industry is one of the most fiercely competitive markets in technology that there is. With so much money on the table, there are huge numbers of people getting into the industry and trying to find success with their games. So many games are released each year on PC, consoles, and mobile devices that it can be difficult for older games to find new players and stay popular.


The iGaming, or casino game industry is popular because of how accessible it is. Games such as online slots don’t really have to be learned, as players can just push a button to spin the reels and potentially get a jackpot. With hundreds of slots to choose from, it’s not difficult for players to move between slots, which can make it difficult for slot games to hold onto players for long.

Some online casinos and game developers have found a way to fix this, however. They have learned to offer bonuses for different slot games that help to get new players. One slot that does this is the Starburst, as you can play Starburst for fun by using the casino’s welcome offers. The graphics are what will get players to stick around though, with the beautiful colors of its gem symbols looking great on all screens.

Mobile Apps

Many mobile games are free to play which is something that can make it easy to find new players but it can also make it easy for those players to up and leave and find something else to play if they get bored. This is likely why many of the most popular mobile games are also some of the apps that are updated most often.

Sensor Tower’s data about the most updated mobile apps reveals that games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga, two games which bring in billions of dollars in revenue, are often updated. By adding new content, the developers of these games can keep players entertained and get people talking about the game which helps them to find new players.

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games need large playerbases to keep going or there will be no one for players to team up with or against. Something that developers have begun doing to keep their players around is to offer content seasons.

These content seasons may add changes to the game’s map as well as new weapons and cosmetics. Fortnite is a game that does this well, having just launched its 10th season of content. It is always difficult to go up against other multiplayer games but this can help keep those players enjoying them for longer.

A Newzoo study about games industry revenues reveals that in 2019, the industry could make more than $152 billion with regions such as China making more from gamers than the United States. This figure could potentially grow too meaning that developers will have to keep creating smart ways to keep their developers from playing something else.


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