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‘Second Coming #3’ (review)

Written by Mark Russell
Art by Richard Pace
Published by Ahoy Comics

I have already said in previous reviews that this is the best new book of 2019.

It’s everything that shows what the comic book medium is capable of. And then this issue comes along and it’s just amazing. The creators are both at the top of their game and I’m savoring every panel and every moment of this book while it’s here.

I’d say it’s an instant classic but let’s face it: the book is more than just that.

The opening shot is Jesus bowling. I mean, you really can’t ask for more than that. While he’s having a great time, Sunstar is scanning the newspaper for weird crimes.

Before long, he finds a lead and the two of them are on their way! Where they end up is a uproariously funny place.

They meet up with a villain who is on the toilet.

Sunstar threatens the villain with violence. The villain, who is called “The Ransomer” is only nineteen years old. Jesus and Sunstar have an honest discussion of what to do with him. The two of them make a decision. They make the villain enroll in community college to improve his life. This turn of events is wonderfully written and it’s perfectly executed in the artwork by Richard Pace. This guy has shot up quickly to being one of my favorite artists.

From there, Sunstar gets a frantic call. It seems that his grandmother has gone missing. Sunstar thinks for a moment. Then he realizes that he may know where she has gotten off to. This makes Sunstar to have to go to a place from his past. It’s sad and nostalgic for him and it does go deep. It’s perfectly handled.

While this is going on, Jesus ends up in a bar. And who walks in?

None other than Satan himself. This scene is a triumph for Pace. It’s so well handled that I actually got chills. Russell makes the dialogue thought provoking and poignant. It also starts to get significantly darker.

This all leads to a stunner of a cliffhanger which is so good, that I can’t get it out of my head. I’m was floored. I have nothing more to say except to thank Russell and Pace for making this book. It’s just stunning.


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