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‘The Green Lantern #11’ (review)

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Liam Sharp
Published by DC Comics


“You’re telling me this is how my big multiversal quest winds up? Suckered by a lonely space castaway with delusions of grandeur.


Well, if you’re on a quest, expect to meet a knight or two.

And if you’re Grant Morrison, what better knight than Don Quixote reimagined as a 30-foot tall golden warrior with a broken Green Lantern Lamp and a messiah complex, that may or may not be a sign of insanity.

With all the other crazy going on, you’d think Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lanterns of the Multiverse might consider the possibility that there is something to the giant Golden Lantern’s story.

Unfortunately, Lord Zundernell has been collecting Green Lanterns from across the multiverse and putting them in stasis until an unknown, impending Final Conflict.

And as ominous as this sounds, that is simply unacceptable.

Doesn’t help that it takes the whole crew to take on the power levels of the lonely space giant. Thankfully for our Green Lanterns, they have an ace up their sleeve: the steely determination, and tough love of Carol Ferris, Star Sapphire of Earth-11.

Threading it all is the steady constant of Hal Jordan, who can barely stand the Batman of any universe, and can’t stop himself from imagining the romantic potentials with a Carol Ferris he doesn’t even know, not even under the most dire of circumstances.

But this particular Carol Ferris is too much like Hal Jordan for anything to ever work out – unless of course, that’s exactly what these two adventurers need. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, it’s a good thing the multiverse’s Green Lantern have been brought together by a common threat. Because a new threat has arisen from the long-range machinations of Controller Mu and his Blackstars. One that refuses to stay down.

The Qwa-man it seems, is not so easily defeated. And now that he has a doorway of salted earth through which to travel endlessly into Universe Zero, the volatile stability of Hal Jordan’s home dimension is about to become much, much more dangerous.

Perhaps our heroes ought to think more seriously about finding Zundernell’s Cosmic Grail.

And what better duo to lead the charge, than the multiverse’s brightest champions of Will and Love?

Against the horrific power of Utter Abnegation, they’d better find a way to work together.

Next Issue: Season Finale! All hands on deck.


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