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‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ S03E23-26 (review)

S3:E23 — TERMINUS: The hunt for Halo is on. Pray the team doesn’t find her.

S3:E24 — INTO THE BREACH: The Outsiders make one last attempt to save Halo… and the galaxy!

S3:E25 — OVERWHELMED:  In the calm before the storm, Artemis and Conner journey back to their pasts.

S3:E26 — NEVERMORE: In the season finale episode, things come full circle as the team and the Outsiders return to Markovia for the final confrontation.


Before we get started, I think it’s important, at the outset, to say up front, before we end this season, that, in general, I’m not crazy about how this season went. There were ups, there were downs, and there were WTFs. In Young Justice parlance, I was “whelmed.” Four episodes left and at this point, all I’m hoping for is some sense of…not closure, per se, but a sense of fulfillment. I want to feel like my investment was worth it.

I’ll put it this way; Doom Patrol is currently the only show that is making my subscription worthwhile, and that is probably the most shocking thing I’ve said in the past 8 months or so that DC Universe has been running. I want to make clear that I’m not disappointed in Young Justice, nor do I hate it; there is plenty here in Season 3 to enjoy and love. However, I’m convinced that the opposite is true, too.



It’s hard to say what this episode is “about” as it seems to be setting up a few things that will happen in subsequent eps. On the surface, as mentioned in the synopsis on the site, the team goes on a mission to save Halo. But there’s a couple of things happening at the same time.

First, we see the Justice League Space team attack the Orphanage, only to be taken down by a Granny Goodness controlled Halo, who has tapped into the Anti-Life Equation. Meanwhile, the…Haysus Marimba, there are too many teams on this show…the Outsiders and the Titans and Young Justice and Justice League Earth are given the coordinates to the Orphanage by Vandal Savage.

I like this character quirk in Savage; as possibly the oldest living human, he has a vested interest in keeping the Earth safe, which puts him at odds with Darkseid, hence his covert betrayal (although he tells the heroes to tell the villains who gave them the coordinates).

Meanwhile, Jefferson is smarting from Dr. Jace’s betrayal. Just a ton of emo shit that, while understandable, doesn’t seem like Black Lightning at all. He goes home to see his ex-wife and his daughters, and I guess (I have to guess, since he doesn’t speak a lick of dialogue) he’s better because he understands what’s really important in life.

Then, on the Orphanage, Nightwing, who isn’t 100% recovered from his exposure to the X-Pit, has a straight up hallucination that Wally is alive, and the team is the core team from 5 years ago, and he single-handedly (with the help of Kid Flash who isn’t actually there) takes down Parademons, Mantis, and one or two of the Female Furies. It was a cool sequence, played out like a video game, but in the end…it just makes you miss Wally more.

The episode ends when the core team confronts Granny, the League and Halo, who, I guess (?) broadcasts the Anti-Life Equation out, affecting…everyone, question mark?



Ok, so everything the last episode lacked, this episode had too much of, but not in a bad way. While everyone is in space, stuck on the Orphanage, the Outsiders (Beast Boy’s crew) are in Burbank following a lead that, uh, leads to Gretchen Goode’s studio. There, they get suckered into a trap and fall into the X-Pit. While the team is suffering this torture, Vic is battling Overlord in a kind of cyberspace-astral plane and Gar is fighting Gretchen in a red cube…and losing. Vic susses out that Overlord is what gives Gretchen an edge, he defeats it, and the team is saved.

Things happen pretty quick from here; Cyborg and Blue Beetle destroy a machine that, I apologize, I have no idea what it does (I think it is a cloaking device of some kind because the second it’s destroyed, Vic knows where Halo is).

Gretchen and Overlord disappear (but not via a Boom Tube) and Vic booms to the Orphanage, leaving the rest of the team behind. Again, this is the first half of the episode, and a lot is happening. As Vic arrives, Granny and Gretchen merge back together (the hows and whys aren’t stated as to why this was necessary), and Vic finds the heroes all under the sway of the ALE. He blasts the visor that was keeping her under Granny’s control off, and Halo taps into her full spectrum of auras and it is really cool and beautiful.

She purges the Anti-Life from the universe (at least as far as it spread, as it never got to Earth), and they destroy Granny’s machine. Granny gets away, and it’s time for some good old fashioned introspection as Conner and M’gann have some things to work out and Vic joins the team officially. The epilogue sees Infinity Inc out-trending the Outsiders, to Lex Luthor’s delight.

Now, we have two more episodes, but there’s a part of me that is thinking, “Why?” This is a good place to end the season. But, I’ll admit, not a perfect way to do it.



The Light plans to put their plans in motion, and Artemis and Will are getting a little romantic on Valentine’s Day.

So yes, let’s drop that other foot.

Artemis backs off and realizes she needs closure, which, when you think about it, superhero deaths are not really a thing that gives one a sense of finality. So, within this metacontext, Artemis seeks out Zatanna, to help in that regard. Zatanna agrees to send her soul to Limbo, with more than a few caveats. There, Artemis sees Wally. Realizing their time is limited, things start moving very fast. They’re married. Artemis is pregnant. They both work at Royal University, and the baby has been born. Time, though, is running out. Wally urges her to let go and move on. Turns out, though, it wasn’t Limbo; it was a psychic construct by Megan, with a little illusion by Zatanna. So, no, we didn’t see Wally or his ghost.

Back at the Outsider’s penthouse, Gar is entertaining Lian (Will’s daughter with Cheshire, who is being babysat by Halo) when suddenly Metron boom tubes into the scene and tubes himself, Cyborg, Halo and Lian out.

They are literally teleported to a place that, according to the chyron, is Unknown. Cyborg and Halo can only speak in Mother Box pings, but Metron reveals that they are his grandchildren (cooool!) and that the two of them represent an obstacle in Darkseid’s plans.

Forager and Superboy visit Geranium City (ugh, the names on this show sometimes) where the genomorphs from Cadmus have created an illusion city and Dubbilex is the mayor! The idea is that Fred can live here without feeling alienated and using the charm necklace, but Fred/Forager would rather be an outsider and an Outsider.

Baron Bedlam has staged a coup in Markovia. The Light’s plans have started to unfold. Lex Luthor will not lift restrictions against the Justice League and actually said that there are good people on both sides, and what the frick is even life??? Upon seeing this on TV, Geo-Force takes it upon himself to lead the Outsiders into Markovia to take down Bedlam.

Friggin’ Terra, man. She suuuuucks.



Oracle has coordinated a three-pronged attack for the heroes to take Baron Bedlam and his cronies down. The Light are counting on this, with the intent that this will all go south for the young heroes, making Luthor’s Infinity Inc. the true American heroes and the Justice League branded as outlaws. Terra is told by Deathstroke that she is to publicly kill Beast Boy on his signal.

However, while getting the rundown from Oracle, Jefferson seems to believe that there’s something she’s not telling him. This temporary omission just may be the one thing that saves our heroes.

They know. They’ve always known that Slade had a mole and that it was Terra. They never exposed this because they wanted to give her the chance to make the decision on her own. With Slade in her ear, telling her not to be weak, and Artemis in front of her, telling her the truth, Terra chooses the heroes.

Cyborg traces the signal from her earpiece to Deathstroke and Lex and has the Secretary General bent over the coals.

But then Geo-Force kills Bedlam, live and on TV. And in front of his teammates. The people of Markovia label him a hero and a king at the urging of Markovia’s UN Ambassador Baazovi and it starts to get in his head (much to the chagrin of his brother, Gregor, who was the king before the coup).

You get the feeling that THIS is the Light’s plan and was all along, that Brion is being manipulated and his ego is being played.

Especially when you see that this is the halfway point of the episode. When he realizes he’s on his own, Brion banishes all the heroes. Lex is ecstatic. That is, until Conner exposes his work at Cadmus. Lex is ousted. Back in Markovia, King Brion is in full dickhead mode when who should arrive but Dr. Jace. The Light reconvenes and they reveal a new member; Ambassador Baazovi, whose metahuman ability to psychically manipulate others has made Brion their erstwhile puppet. On the Watchtower, a new Chairman of the Justice League is elected…BLACK LIGHTNING!

The episode (and season) ends with a montage of where everyone is at in their lives as of February 25th. The heroes shut down Bibbo’s Diner for a private party, and they’re all happy.

And the final shot is of a Legion flight ring.



  • In many ways, the entire Darkseid/Granny Goodness storyline was unnecessary. To have them defeat the forces of Apokolips only to have the Light come back with their secret plans almost undermines the entire season. Almost. I get that it’s not a straight line from A to Z, and that you have a huge cast of characters that need to get developed incrementally, but it makes me think of Bumblebee and Mal. They had a kid, and Karen did some genetic modification on their baby…but where is the payoff? If it’s going to come in Season 4, why not wait until Season 4 to do this? In that respect, you go back to that mission that had Batman, Katana and Metamorpho (Episode 10) and then you realize that the payoff from that episode doesn’t truly come until Episode 25. What was the purpose of those other 15 episodes? Why, then, did the show need to be broken in to two seasons?
  • Maybe I’m shortsighted about these things, but this season had a SHIT TON of fan service. Has it always been that way?
  • Dude, nothing makes me happier than saying that no Halos were harmed in the final four episodes.
  • Watch the end credits of the last episode. Trust me.





Vito Delsante is a comic book writer, graphic novelist, editor, letterer, and the co-creator/writer of STRAY with Sean Izaakse, and THE PURPLE HEART with Dean Haspiel and artist, Ricardo Venâncio. He’s written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, AdHouse Books, and Simon & Schuster, among others, and his stories have been reprinted in other countries. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife, Michelle, his daughter, Sadie, his son, James, and his pitbull, Kirby.  You can find him online at and you can follow him on Twitter @incogvito


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