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5 Best Classic Games For Your Mobile

What originally seemed quaint by home systems, mobile gaming has proven to be an addicting alternative, with the number of mobile phone gamers in the U.S. expected to grow by 9% in 2020 from 2017’s record of 192.2 million.

And while newer games such as Candy Crush, Fortnite, Pokemon Go and Minecraft have captured the imagination of audiences, they tend to fall victim to the “next big game”.

Here are five mobile games that never go out of style.


1. Scrabble

For all of you fans of the classic Hasbro board game, Electronic Arts has released a mobile version, which includes flexible difficulty levels, built-in word list, dynamic animations, scrolling and full-board views.  Users can play alone, challenge the computer in your phone, or enjoy pass ‘n play with a friend. The app keeps track of game scores and statistics and allows pausing without ending the game.


2. Casino Games

Video Slots Games are particularly popular and this app is like having a Vegas vacation in your pocket.  It’s Caesars, The MGM Grand, Hard Rock and the Bellagio all wrapped up in one in one comped vacation without having a Wayne Newton show to attend.  And although some anti-gambling states enforce their stance, some, such as Tennessee Online Casinos question the legality of gambling online without turning to international hosts.


3.  PacMan

The game classic starring Pac, plus ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde that features hours of eating and eating and eating while navigating through mazes.

Until you die.

Only to be resurrected and begin the gorging again.


4.  Pinball

There are dozens of different pinball apps, but with enough searching you’ll find a good one that appeals to your taste; blinking lights, flippers, bumpers.  There’s nothing quite like the physical feel of nudging or tilting a machine in play.  That being said, you can’t bring a full size pinball machine with you, making it far easier to call next game without sticking a quarter in the corner.


5. Solitaire

It initially found it’s audience on some of the earliest desktop computers, and as a result, solitaire might very well be the be all, end all of mobile games.

Addicting without the need of anyone else, sound, or even a time commitment; it’s just you and a virtual deck.  And you can play it anytime.

From a bathroom break at work, to a subway commute to while you watch tv, solitaire is one of the most perfect games ever invented.

And it’s a must have.


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